28 Year-Old Becomes Richest Man In India Making Money Online

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Rudra Gupta was born and raised in Kolkata . In the last 6 months, he bought 2 houses, several new cars including a Mercedes CLS Land Rover Velar, and paid off all his debts. It's hard to believe but a few months ago, he earned a salary below the minimum wage. So, how could he earn so much money in such a short time? He tells us his story.

"I worked for a pizza delivery service for a year while studying to be an engineer at a prestigious university. I worked hard to support my studies. Unfortunately, in the second year of study, I was close to be expelled because I could not pay tuition. Obviously, the money I made working as a pizza delivery guy wasn't enough. I had to take a loan so I could finally pay my tuition. Yes, I dealt with one problem, but now, I faced another one even more complicated — I had no money to pay the monthly installments to the bank. I had to pay interest on each installment, and for every day that my payment was overdue, I was charged fees. I fell deeply into arrears every day and I didn't know what to do. Every day they called me from the bank demanding that I pay the loan off.

The best thing I could think to do at the time was work even harder. As a result, I was expelled from campus a week before the end of the school year because I cut school too often. Life had never hit me that hard, but the worst things were yet to come. My father lost his job and my family didn't know how to survive. We didn't have any savings at the time. Could you imagine how hopeless I felt? I had no decent work and no education. All I had was debts and my family waiting for me to help. I was desperate, really, I could do nothing to help them and didn't know how to deal with all that. Those were the darkest days of my life!

Everything changed in one day. One night, I was delivering a pizza to one of the upscale housing estates. A guy opened the door. He was with his friends, obviously, they were having a party. While he was paying for the pizza, I heard their discussion about where would they invest $100,000 they earned 10 minutes ago. I just glanced and saw a sort of graph and figures on the laptop screen. The guy opening the door gave me $500, but the bill was only around $10. In response to my surprise, he told me to keep the change.

I was very excited about this seemingly insignificant event. When I got back home, I took out my laptop and tried to remember their discussion. After 5 minutes, I remembered that they were talking about online trading. 10 minutes later I stumbled on to the Broker website where I found the graphs and figures I saw on the guy's laptop.

After reading all of the information about the broker and watching tutorial videos, I opened a demo account where I got 10,000 virtual dollars to train with. I tried it and rather quickly understood what I had to do. After making my first trade I made some money and realized that I could make more but on a real account.

I opened a real account and deposited my last $100 there. I woke up in the morning and saw that I earned $10,000 overnight. Can you believe it, just overnight! I continued on, and after 2 weeks I could pay off my debts and buy my first car. In another 2 weeks, I earned enough money that my family would be financially secure and I was able to buy a house near my parents. Yeah, I made it online without leaving my house or getting a higher education.

That's my luck. It would have never happened if I did not meet that rich guy while delivering pizza. I know there are a lot of people having not good times like I used to. I can help you if you want to earn big money in the short term and pay off all of your debts. Listen, here is how to earn money with Trading Resource. It's easier than it seems. So, listen up."

How do you start earning money?

Open an account with the broker by clicking here.
Take the tutorial, which tells you about your account’s capabilities.

Now, the best part is a proven earning strategy that works

I recommend starting with an “up-down” strategy, as it doesn’t require serious immersion in trading and even beginners can use it.

Step 1. Choose a currency pair

As a rule, EUR/USD works well.

Step 2. Set the time to 1 minute and the amount to $1

If you want to earn more, then make a higher bet. However, I’ll explain the strategy by using this particular minimum bet as an example.

Step 3. Start trading

Everything here is simple – you have to predict whether the exchange rate will rise or fall within 1 minute after opening a trade. Remember that you can make any forecast with this strategy – it doesn’t matter whether you choose UP or DOWN.

Let’s say that you’ve chosen UP

  • If the chart actually goes up, $1.92 will be returned to your account, having made 92 cents in profit

    Then you need to make your next trade, but this time you should choose the opposite value — DOWN. Of course, you can bet with a larger amount if you want to earn more.

  • If the chart goes the other way (down), then your trade was unsuccessful

    This means that you need to raise your next trade to $3 and change the direction of the chart again. So, if your last choice was DOWN, now you need to choose UP.

  • If the chart didn’t go the way you wanted again, then you lose this trade

    But don’t worry. You have nothing to worry about because with this strategy you always make up for all losses. To recoup your losses and make a profit, increase the trade amount to $8 (without changing the trade time) and choose DOWN.

Excellent! You chose the right direction and received $14.56. You not only made up for the loss, but also went into the black by making a profit. Now go back to trading and make a new bet, but this time you need to choose UP. Yes, that’s why it’s called the up-down strategy ;)

Important point

Always change the direction of trades regardless of whether or not your bid was successful. If you want to test your strength, then start with a minimum bet of $1. If you lose, increase the amount to $3. If you lose again, change it to $8. If this happens again, increase the amount to $18. And don’t worry, I’ve personally never had to do this, even though I trade every day. Once a trade is successful, return to the first step and start again. The amount of the bet can be increased because this strategy works for any amount. And don’t forget: the bigger the bet, the bigger the profit!

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