How To Get Direct Referrals and Leads? Best Way to Get Direct Referrals
How To Get Direct Referrals?


What are Direct Referrals?

Direct Referrals are those members which sign up under you on a PTC Site. They earn you commission lifetime whenever they click, make purchases, add funds or Refer others! WITHOUT DIRECT REFERRALS YOU CANT BE SUCCESSFUL!

Personal Experience

When I first came across a PTC I just joined it and clicked as much ads as much I can. But that was the BIGGEST MISTAKE I EVER MADE IN PTCs and BTC Sites. As I clicked ad and spent little money to get referrals all of the money and effort gone in vain! 

I will tell you WHY

As I joined the new sites and Clicked on them, Many of those sites Gone Scam and Many of them Closed too. I hope you dont do the same mistake that I did. I went WAY over my internet usage and I had to pay a lot of money (visiting a lot of websites).

Some Tips: 

Choose only Trusted sites:-  Try only trusted Sites and usually BTC sites like AdBTC, cointiply,, Ojooo etc

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My Personal Stats 

Optimalbux - All in just 10 days after launch!

Computta - 1100+ refs in 2 months!

Neobux Direct Referrals! Direct Referrals!

FamilyBTC Direct Referrals!

Like these results there are a lot more sites which I have referrals in lot of other sites! just like above results and it will take very long to post all of them here :D

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