Neobux Review 2018: Is Neobux Legit Or Scam? (Honest Review)
Neobux Review 2018: Is It Legit Or Scam?

Payout 2 $
Members count between 1 000 000 and 10 000 000
Average referral rate 10%
Payment within 0
Profit per click 0.001 $
Available clicks per day 30
Payment solutions NETELLER,Trustwave , Payza, Skrill
Language english, french, german, spanish, portugese
Accepted countries All Beta version

What is Neobux

Since 2008, NeoBux is considered the leader of PTC sites or Paid to Click. It allows advertisers, after giving money, to increase the visibility of their site through a large flow of visitors. It is ranked No.1 on EMS. The latest status attributed to this site by NBR is: Legit. By looking at our grade you can identify whether its scam or legit. 

  • Ways to earn:-

->Clicking Ads (25-30 Ads daily)
->Doing Mini Jobs and Tasks( 100+ Tasks available for lvl 3)
->Doing Offers
->Completing Surveys
->Renting Referrals
->Referring Others 
->Play video games


Surveys are made available they pay in $ 0.25 and $ 0.50 


You need to rent referrals here as they would work for you and their average should be 2.5+. That's a pure profit! The site also reverses money to its members after every click on an advertisement. On a daily basis, NeoBux offers an average of 50 ads; With earnings ranging from $ 0.001 to $ 0.02. The leader of PTC sites also offers different ways to make money. One of them, the free AdPrize lottery that brings 3 AdPrize for each ad visited. The amount ranging from $ 0.5 to $ 25 and a golden membership. Coins are also a great way to earn money on NeoBux. This currency can be granted following registration on sites, filling surveys, viewing Youtube videos or buying a product via NeoBux. There are also odd jobs that earn a 15% bonus for every $ 1 and sponsorship.Each ad click will give you 1 point which can be used to buy golden membership or to extend your referrals

  • Forum

The site also has a forum where Members post their problems, achievements and payment proofs.

  • Memberships

There are basically 3 Memberships Standard, Golden ( $90/ Year) and Ultimate ( $890/Year )

  • Minimum Payout

The minimum to have on his account to withdraw its gains is $ 2 (then increases by $ each new payout up to $ 10). Payments are made instantly.You can choose from the following payment solutions: Payza, NETELLER or Skrill. 

Ability to complete offers to win corners or points. The corners can be converted to $. The points can be used to recycle and renew rented referrals or to take a Golden status of a $ 90 value or Ultimate membership 890$ value

Possibility to do jobs to earn cash. The more you do the more you earn. Check Payment Proofs from thousands of users here

Possibility to rent referrals and have direct referrals. Clicks referrals relate to sponsor a percentage (variable depending on the type of ad, the type of status godson and godfather). The direct referrals also report $ and corners has their sponsors when they make purchases, offers, small job.

Daily NeoBux totals on average 20 million ads viewed and $ 116,323.24 paid to its members!

Feel free to try it costs you nothing, just the time (for money).

This site is published in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Greek, Finnish and Swedish.

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