Best Bitcoin Ad Networks to Monetize your site
Monetize Your website! List of Highest Paying Ad networks!

You must have came here searching for best ad networks around which can help you earn decent income from ad networks! Then I must say you have found the right place! If you use correct ad networks you can make 0.5$ or more per CPM!

Check the most Stable And Highest Paying Bitcoin and other Ad Networks below and make money from your website!

BitcoAdz:- 1+ years online! One of the highest paying bitcoin ad networks around! Minimum payout only 0.004 BTC. A great choice for advertising as well! 

  • Ad types:- CPM / CPC/ PPC&CPM / POP
  • Min Payout:- 0.004 BTC
  • Payout Time:- Max 48 Hours
  • Minimum Advertising spend:- 0.001 BTC

BitMedia:- Highly Recommended Bitcoin Ad Network if your traffic is engaging! Boost your bitcoin project's income! They strictly hand pick the website so have less chance of approval but earnings are very good! Minimum Payout is only 0.001 BTC That can be cashed out instantly via bitcoins! For advertisers This place has super effective traffic for Crypto business mostly!

  • AD Types:- CPC / PPC
  • Min Payout:- 0.001 BTC
  • Payout Time:- Instant
  • Minimum Advertising Spend:- 0.001 BTC

A-ads:- Proven By time! One of the oldest ad networks! Paying on time every time. A great choice for advertising and For publishers who have high Click Through Ratio ( CTR ). Minimum payout to be only 0.001 BTC and payment wait time is 24-48 hours max! I myself received 5+ payments from a-ads :)

  • AD Types:-  PPC
  • Min Payout:- 0.001 BTC
  • Payout Time:- 24 hOURS
  • Minimum Advertising Spend:- 0.001 BTC ( Effective results )

Propeller Ads:- One of the Best and Most trusted sites for monetizing your traffic in a smart way. You can earn upto 15$ per 1000 pops! Yes! Propeller ads is among one of the most paying pop unders company. Minimum Payout is 25$. You can get payment in instant to 24 hours max! I myself have cashed out several times from Propeller ads!

  • AD Types:-  PopUp, PopUnder, Native ads, Intersistal Ads ( High Rates )
  • Min Payout:- 25$ in BTC
  • Payout Time:- Instant hOURS
  • Minimum Advertising Spend:- No Minimum

Wnp:- Wnp is a Very very high paying bitcoin ad network compared to a-ads and Bitmedia, Since it pays for CPM and CPC both. Its like Mellow Ads. Revenue is high ofcourse. Payout is high too

  • AD Types:-  CPM and CPC both
  • Min Payout:- 0.005 BTC
  • Payout Time:- Instant to 48 Hours
  • Minimum Advertising Spend:- 0.01 BTC Very High paying pop under network! Instant payout every day minimum $5 via Bank, Bitcoin, Paypal, Or Wire transfer. This site has one of the lowest payout tresholds! You can use this site to monetize your traffic very efficiently! For advertising It is a good choice as the traffic is targeted and effective!

  • AD Types:-  PopUp, PopUnder
  • Min Payout:- 5$ via PayPal / Bank Wire / Western Union
  • Payout Time:- 48 HOURS
  • Minimum Advertising Spend:- No Minimum advertising spending

Pop ads - Best pop under network!

CoinZilla:- CoinZilla is 2+ years old and Paying! This bitcoin ad network is a high paying ad network if you have a good CTR. Minimum Payout is 0.0005 BTC only. They allow only quality websites and thus pays high too :D

GPTPlanet - Trusted Admin

This page will be updated over time whenever we find any high paying ad networks Or ad networks for effective advertising! Stay tuned and have your say below :)