Best, Most Trusted and Highest Paying URL shorteners

Best, Most Trusted and Highest Paying URL shorteners

You won't earn a penny from google link shortener, bitly or tiny url  You must have came here searching for one of the highest paying URL shorteners or some of trusted Shorteners. Well, You can make quite decent cash just to shorten your URLs through your website or Youtube channel. You can also find a strategy on how to get more clicks to your links on the bottom of this page.

URL shorteners Can be highly Profitable for these categories:

  1. Youtube Channels / Youtube videos: A average youtube video ( say you make some "how to download Some game/some movie" receives 80% clicks from all views. Lets say you have 1000 views, you will make anything around 50 cents from youtube and 5$ -15$ From URL shorteners. Using URL shorteners is one of the best ways to monetize your youtube videos.
  2. Faucet Owners: You can integrate API of Shorteners into your faucet and earn extra cash!
  3. Blogs/Wordpress/ If you have a blog with some decent traffic, You can make pure passive income by using URL shorteners and Adsense. You can add a script to your page and shrink all URLs on the page. You will earn on every click passively and It won't affect your visitors too. You can start one blog for free via blogger and wordpress.
  4. Any Organic traffic source: URL shorteners are suitable for all kind of organic traffic and can help you make some passive income with very less effort.

Check the Best and Highest paying URL shorteners below and Earn some cash!!

List of High paying and Tested URL Shorteners for Faucets:

Are you interested in Earning Some Extra Cash online just by Promoting your own URLs? Unlike and you can Really EARN upto $15 to $20 from URL shorteners listed below that accepts Faucet Websites! You can read more about URL shorteners on the bottom of the page!

PP*= PayPal
FH= FaucetHub
PY= Payeer

Shorteners which have paid or Other Fellow faucets are mentioned below:

Name Counts Average CPM Pays to Min. Payout Conclusion Link
CLICKSFLY3 views$5.40 PP, BTC$3 PP, $10 BTC Paid, little delay
CUT-URLSUnique$4.00 PP, BTC$3 PY, $5 PP, $4 BTC Paid
LINKJUSTUnique$4.85 PP, BTC$1 PP, $5 BTC Paid
LINK-ZEROUnique$4.00 PP, BTC$3 PP Paid
BITSTLK6 views$5.40 PP, FH, Eth, LTC$3 PP, $10 BTC Paying
SHORTEDBIND6 views$5.40 PP, FH, Eth, LTC$3 PP, $10 BTC Paying
ADSPUMA6 Views$3.6 PP, FH$3 PP, $1 FH Paying
LINKTOR.IOUnique$2.72 PP, BTC$5 PP, $10 BTC Paid
SHORT2WINUnique$4.62 PP, PZ, SK, BTC$5 PP, PZ, SK, $50 BTC Paying (monthly)
LINK4WINUnique$6.60 PP, BTC$1 PP, $50 BTC Paying (monthly)
ICUTMYLINKUnique$5.12 PP, BTC$6.5 Paying
LINKATNAUnique$4.50 PY, PP, BTC$3 Paying
GETTYLINKUnique$4.57 PP, FH$5 PP, Skrill Paying
POWCLICKAll Views$1.71 PP, PZ$1 PP,PZ Paying
BTCMSUnique$1.37 FH$5 Net7 Paying
Ouo.ioUnique$1.37 FH$5 Net7 Paying

How To Earn Money from URL shorteners ? / How to get More clicks on URL Shorteners ? URL Shorteners Strategy

You must be looking for a strategy on how to earn maximum of money from short links. Well I have a strategy that is used and verified. It is as follows:

  1. Use Social Media:- Twitter and Facebook, Both of these can bring you at least 1000 clicks every day if you post in different groups. Be careful not to spam. You can simply short any link and write something like "Dog, Cat and Mouse play with each other LOL , See this video: Posting this in popular groups can make you some decent money every day.
  2. Use different ad networks: Use different URL shrinkers, like Use Linkshrink for Shortening links and Use Linkbucks for the generating and adding script on your site. This will make more earnings for you. As much as possible try to diversify your earnings.
  3. Use Youtube: You can make youtube videos which is one of the best option so far. Create a video on how to download some game; Or How to download movie; Or record a gameplay of something; upload some crack Or add a thing which users may be interested to download. It can make you 20$+ per day on autopilot if you have nice amount of views.
  4. Use both scripts and Shortened links: Last but not the least use non intrusive scripts alongside with short url.

You can also look for some free URL shortening services as follows:

If you have any suggestions feel free to write in the comments below. All sites mentioned above are tested and proven to pay on time every time. These shorteners are way better than free shorteners like google shortener, biturl, Normally you pay the websites to use url shortening service but in this case you get paid to shorten links!