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Klixion Autosurf

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Hitleap Since 2003 Best of The Best!!  Recommended!!!

–  1:1 surf ratio
–  100% Unique IP

– Application software
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Otohits Massive Autosurf Site !!!  Recommended!!!

– 1:1 surf ratio
– %100 Ref Com
– Regular surfing and ref contests

– Application + website

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BigHits4u Very fast and Efficient Autosurf  !!!   Recommended!!!

– 7:10 surf ratio
– 10% Hits comm. 5% purchase

– Application Autosurf
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Very HOT Autosurfing Site !!!  Recommended!!!

– 1:1 surf Ratio
– upto 50% ref commision

– Very Fast Autosurf
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Autosurf Websyndic   Recommended!!!

– Lots of Members, Massive Autosurf

–Hide Referrer, lots of ways to get hits
– 50% Ref Commission
Instant Payout

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Twistrix VERY FAST AUTOSURF Recommended!!!

– 7:10 Surf ratio, lots of members
– 50% Ref com
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247AutoHits since 2006, lots of members   Recommended!!!247autohits

– 7:10 surf ratio, lots of bonuses

– 30% Ref commission

– Hide referrer
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Just Sign Up and Get 5000 Hits !!!      Recommended!!!

– 1:1 surf ratio
– Upto 50% Ref commission
– Very fast Autosurf site

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AlexaSurfing Boost Your Alexa!!   Recommended!!!AlexaSurfing - Improve your WebSite or Make Money

– 1:1 surf ratio
– 30% ref commission for standards
– Lots of members

– Instant Cashout

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Easyhits4u since 2003 - Best Manual TE  Recommended!!!

– 0.3$ for 1000 hits

–Get Direct Referrals Now
– 50% Ref com
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Klixion Autosurf


Autosurfs are traffic exchanges that automatically provide hits to your websites by keeping a software or website on. They are capable of bringing large amount of traffic to your website. There are a lot of sites which help you in autosurfing.


  • Helps In improving site reputation.
  • Free Website traffic.
  • May help in building site traffic.
  • Helps in increasing page views.
  • Improves Alexa Rank.

Top Reasons Why you must think about Autosurf Traffic Exchange Sites for Your Business

There are a lot of websites you'll notice on World Wide net these days. All of those sites need promotion furthermore as selling support to line except others and stand out among the gang.

Without the correct promotional campaign, you can’t expect a web site to perform properly. 
To survive within the competition, traffic plays an enormous role. while not obtaining the correct traffic promotion, you'll not be able to reach your targeted audience.

You have to require note that your web site needs traffic because it is your fuel to succeed in your purchasers or prospects as before long as you launched your web site.
In addition thereto, in spite of however superior your web site is, it'll ne'er gain revenues if it doesn't get traffic. 
So, before it’s too late, higher build a move and shrewdness to drive a lot of traffic to your web site.

Whether you're a tyro or a veteran within the on-line market, obtaining traffic simply and cost-efficiently may be done by considering autosurf traffic exchange sites. 
Traffic exchanges ar a good thanks to promote your business on-line. These will assist you lay the inspiration of the booming enterprise while not the necessity for
users to fret regarding payment plenty of cash to fuel their selling campaign. But, why must you think about traffic exchange sites?

There ar several reasons why you must select a traffic exchange web site for your business. one amongst these is that you just are able to get a lot of traffic while not requiring you to attend for an extended amount of your time.
Getting traffic could take time, particularly if you're simply obtaining started. But, with the assistance of traffic exchange, you don’t ought to sit up for many months simply to drive traffic to your web site.
Through the services offered by traffic exchange sites, expect to urge what you would like for your business to grow.

Another reason why traffic exchange sites ar best for your web site is as a result of these will assist you save cash.
Unlike the everyday on-line selling campaigns, you don’t ought to pay Associate in Nursing ample quantity of cash simply to reveal your business on-line. 
Regardless of your budget, you'll guarantee that traffic exchange sites can offer what you merit.

How to notice the most effective Traffic Exchange Program for You? it's not a decent plan to run outside of your niche on the traffic exchange networks.
Even if you think that it'll maximize the visibility of your web site, this may additionally increase the typical quantity
of time or bounce rate that folks stay on your web site. So, certify to understand your niche as a result of it perpetually makes a distinction to focus on the correct prospects.

It is challenging to survive the competition within the on-line market, however there's perpetually some way on however you'll level up your business and considering traffic exchange sites is one amongst them.
So, what ar you waiting for? hunt for the most effective traffic exchange web site and see however traffic exchange sites will modification the approach you're doing business online!


Autosurf can be advantageous to your website if you use it carefully. It can improve your page rank and also bring genuine hits to your websites and build up your Alexa rank. However, We suggest you to not use it with Adsense or any other ad networks or else you may get banned from that ad network.


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